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Fantasy Designs

A shared graphics community

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1. Absolutely NO hotlinking is allowed!

2. Unless given specific permission by the designer, graphics are not to be changed in any way.

3. If you wish to request something from one of the designers, do not pester them in to making something for you. Please be patient.

4. Please understand that the graphic makers are not likely to make graphics based on movies/tv shows/generes outside of their fandoms. For example, if someone is a Pirates of the Caribbean fan but is not a fan of/has not seen the Phantom of the Opera , read the book, or seen the Broadway play, they will probably not make graphics based on it.

5. Do NOT bash the graphics posted in this community. What you must understand is that the three of us come from different backgrounds with graphic design and might not have a ton of experience.

6. If you're going to give any criticism at all, consructive criticism is a must!

7. No matter how much you beg and plead, unless the four of us agree and feel that it would be okay, you will not be granted posting access. This community is for the three of us to share.

8. Drama will not be tolerated in this community. If you do not like a graphic that's posted, you do not have to take and use it. But do not tell the makers so in a rude way. If any sort of argument is taken too far, we will not hesitate to ban you from the community.

9. If you find that someone is not crediting one of our graphics the right way, or someone is hotlinking our graphics, please be courteous and TELL US! It's the right thing to do.

10. Do not pester the designers to make a graphic that they do not know how to make. In other words, if someone doesn't know how to make a layout, do not beg them in to making one for you.

11. We reserve the right to add on to and change any of these rules at any time.

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Want to find out more about the makers of this community? Please go to this post.

We are currently looking for more makers! If you are interested in being a maker, please see this post.

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dreambreakicons- a closed graphic community. You can join and friend, but you cannot post.
queen_lothiriel- icon journal of fairandbright. Lots of Star Wars, Narnia, and other kinds of icons!
fantasmicons- graphics community of a fellow Fawkes Reunion member. I got busy/forgot to add it to the list. >.>
piicturesque- friends only graphics communtiy where you can apply to be a maker. I'm a maker there as well.

amour_graphique is an open graphic community where they make all sorts of graphics.
homemadeicons is a closed community with graphics made by hippiemarcher.
fantasmicons is a closed graphics community with icons made by invicta.

Want to be an affiliate? Email Danielle (jediknightmuse) at AWritersFantasy@gmail.com, or go to this post and give us the information about your community/graphic journal. We will only affiliate with GRAPHIC RELATED communities/journals.

For those who are members, makers, and affiliates of/with this community, you're free to use these banners and place them in your userinfo. If you do, please credit jediknightmuse, link back to fantasydesigns, and upload to your own server. No hotlinking or stealing!

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